Andean Life ( is a full service importer and distributor of organic products and high-quality ingredients, currently supplying the US, Canada and UK with offices in Miami and London.

Established in 2015, and recently partnered with United Molasses Group (UM), Andean Life has developed its business specializing in importing and distributing organic sugar, panela, and non-GMO sugars and specialties. Andean Life has a combined experience of over 35 years in global trade, with an extensive network and close relationship with some of Latin America’s most prominent producers.’s partner – United Molasses Group – brings over 100 years of experience and is a world-known group of businesses focused on the global trading and marketing of molasses and related products. UM’s main office is based in London.

Operations in Europe are conducted by one of the group’s companies – please go to


Andean Life Organic and FAIRTRADE certifications for its operations in the US and UK:


Product range in the US and Canada:

• Evaporated Cane Sugar
• Organic sugar
• Specialties
• Organic molasses


• Organic sugar
• Specialties
• Organic panela
• Organic molasses

Organic and Non-GMO Sugars
Organic and Non-GMO Sugars
Organic and Non-GMO Sugars
Crystals obtained by evaporation of non-GMO standards and is not exposed to radiation or ionization.
Does not contain preservatives. Light in color and rich in taste, our sugar preserves most of its natural characteristics during the organic and non-GMO crystallization process.
Sold in 50kg or Big Bags.
Organic Panela
Organic Panela
Organic Panela
Natural sweetener made from pure dried sugar cane juice.
Panela has five times more minerals than brown processed sugar and fifty times more than white sugar.
Sold in 25kg polyethylene bags w/liner.
Organic Molasses
Organic Molasses
Organic Molasses
A by-product of raw sugar manufactured from sugar cane. The primary usage of organic molasses is for animal feed and as a fermentation and feedstock.
Organic molasses is liquid and very dark brown to black in color. Apart from sugar and inverted sugar, it also contains a percentage of minerals and amino acids.
The product is also used in the food industry, for example in confectionery such as liquorice, toffees, and cereals, but also in savory products such as BBQ sauces, ketchup, and sweet mustard preparations.


Andean Life understands the importance of acquiring sugars that enable you to maintain a consistent, high-quality product, and efficient supply chain. Our commitment remains strong. Working with our experienced team will allow you to focus on your core business, while we take care of the quality and origins of your product. We can help you reach your business goals, creating tailor-made, cost-effective solutions; especially customized for your company’s needs


is committed to the environment and building towards a more natural and simple way of life. We encourage the production of healthy and natural foods while working with community-based organizations in Latin America. We practice equality and solidarity in the production, transformation, and responsible consumption of healthy products with transparency, honesty, and simplicity. We partner with local communities to empower women and promote cultural identity and ancestral knowledge in all the communities.

For more than three decades, Maquita has focused on supporting more than 380 communities and 275,000 families in Ecuador, helping them create sustainable productivity to increase their incomes and quality of life. Our partnership with Andean Life has been key in achieving these goals, and we are honored to work with a company that shares our essential values of promoting development while protecting the ecosystems through the rational use of natural and environmental resources, to preserve them for future generations,

said Lizbeth Perez, Commercial Manager at Maquita.


United States Office
Phone: 786.625.7100
Address: 444 Brickell Ave., Suite 417
Miami, FL 33131

London Office
Phone: 786.625.7109
Address: 52/54 Gracechurch Street
London, EC3V 0EH

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